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Meet Christine

LMT. (licensed Massage Therapist since 2010), Cortiva Institute

CHHC. (certified holistic health coach), Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified pregnancy, postpartum & fertility massage therapist, Nurturing the Mother

Gynovisceral manipulation and fertility specialist, Mercier Therapy
Certified  yoga instructor, 200hr. Yin Yoga Institute & 200hr. Life Power U.

Certified Yomassage Therapist & Yomassage Energetics

Level 3, Trauma Informed Bodyworker 

Level 3, Certified Usui Reiki practitioner, MSI Healing Center

Oncology Massage Trained, Greet the Day 

Have we met before? Well, today is a good time for me to present myself.  Hi! My name is Christine and I am so humbled that you've found me here. I am the founder, licensed Massage Therapist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach for Magnolia Massage & Wellness in Vernon Hills, IL.  I’m a mom of three boys, though I still remember the pregnancy I lost with just as much love in my heart. I recognized the need for holistic support to nurture the mother before, during and after pregnancy so I became that person.


I have been a licensed and practicing massage therapist since 2010. Dedicated to helping others find comfort in their bodies, I have pursued a multidisciplinary practice as a certified yoga teacher, and certified health coach with the goal of providing support and resources for a holistic approach to optimal wellness. 

I humbly serve the whole family with various techniques ranging from light touch and energy based healing, trauma informed bodywork, oncology massage, lymphatic massage, deep tissue bodywork including therapeutic myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and trigger point therapy as well as fertility, prenatal and postpartum, infant and relaxation massage. As a certified Yomassage Therapist, Christine also enjoys combining her love for meditation, restorative yoga, and massage into small group healing sessions. 


Additionally, I have whole heartedly specialized in women’s health by certifying in the Mercier Therapy gynovisceral manipulation techniques to treat conditions including pelvic pain, endometriosis, infertility, abdominal scar tissue including c-section recovery. I am a certified Nurturing the Mother prenatal, postpartum and fertility massage specialist with a passion for taking care of new moms.

When I am not practicing massage I enjoy spending time at home with my family taking care of my three  energetic boys, practicing yoga and enjoying long nature walks.

My focus is on balancing systems as opposed to "chasing pain". I focus on the whole person by uniquely pairing massage techniques with lifestyle coaching designed to support you with accountability, resources and education so that you feel empowered to make sustainable, positive changes in your life.

My unique practice supports others  to become the best version of themselves, who are DONE being tired and stressed out by the never-ending juggling act of everyday tasks. Instead, we recognize the need for balanced self-care. I've learned through personal experience that feeling good in your body can be as simple as a choice. It begins by asking ourselves this question;

"What do I need to do to
feel the way I want to feel?"

We are going to get real about your goals, and how you want to feel once you get there. Regular massage therapy has been proven to effectively aid in the reduction of acute and chronic pain, generalized anxiety disorders as well as ptsd and improve quality of sleep.  For those who wish to become pregnant, regulate painful irregular menstrual cycles and balance your hormones you can now incorporate massage alongside your regular wellness plan by working with a trained and specialized therapist. Additionally, I offer various wellness programs and health coaching services to support you on your journey. I am here to support you in meeting yourself exactly where you are in order to get you where you want to be. Personal transformation is possible with a holistic approach to women's health. 


Everybody has a story of what brought you here today and that's incredibly important. Listen to that Why, because this process is all about you and your personal journey to reset your health. Take a few thoughtful moments with a pen and paper to write down your intentions and reasons for taking your health to the next level. 

I humbly offer my time to talk with you, to learn about your story, where you are in your life and what your health and lifestyle goals look like. I sincerely hope that you find value in my services and get in touch with me so that we can determine how I might best support you in making those goals a reality whether that be with massage, wellness coaching or both.

In an effort to seek balance for the whole person I uniquely offer an integrated approach to women's health combining customized 1:1 health coaching, with massage therapy centered around:

• therapeutic massage for the whole family

• fertility massage and holistic support

• pregnancy and postpartum massage

 • c-section scar recovery

• gynovisceral bodywork for pelvic pain relief

 • oncology massage

 • trauma informed bodywork 

 • yomassage groups and privates

• environmental detoxing

• wellness coaching

• yoga, meditation and reiki

• natural living with CBD and essential oils



Stay Connected!  I look forward to serving you. Thank you for visiting! 

XOXO, Christine