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a holistic approach to fertility 

introducing support for preconception health

For those on a Fertility journey, I will be there to ensure that you feel supported and nurtured through your conscious conception,  with fertility struggles, miscarriages, or other conception concerns. I honor the many paths to motherhood. It is the foundation upon which Magnolia Massage & Wellness was founded.  I supplement traditional care by providing a natural, intuitive perspective that takes into account the spiritual nature of creating life. 

 I will provide evidence based education and resources so you can make educated decisions as you move through your treatment options. I will coach you through necessary lifestyle modifications to overcome the physical roadblocks to parenthood and to make pregnancy more comfortable. I will advocate for you and help you feel empowered to walk your path to parenthood. Whether it's natural conception, IVF, IUI, donor, surrogacy, or adoption...

Now offering women's health coaching packages in addition to , fertility massage and Mercier Therapy gynovisceral bodywork to truly offer complete holistic fertility enhancement support.  Schedule an initial consultation where we will go over an in depth health history and create a plan to start moving you forward on the path towards conscious conception. 

Parenthood is your goal and my mission


preparing for pregnancy

Use specific detoxification, digestive health, and nourishment strategies to Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy. Make it easier to get pregnant, and reduce your baby’s long term risk of chronic health conditions like asthma, ADHD, and allergies.

For years, we have supported women to improve their fertility and educated health professionals all over the world to provide fertility support to their patients using detoxification, nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle medicine. This fertility program is affordable and accessible to help women (and couples) like you to conceive more easily, have healthier pregnancies, and healthier babies.

What’s Inside The Program

• 6 online training workshops complete with handouts, resources, and guides for you to complete at your own pace.

• A preconception toxicity questionnaire to guide your personalized detoxification program.

• 4 Preconception Nutrition Guides to allow you to assess your unique food sensitivities, and design the perfect nutrition program for you. (*The recipes are simple and delicious!)

• Over 100 delicious seasonal recipes designed to improve fertility and preconception health.

• Preconception supplement guides to support your libido, egg health, pregnancy health, and to get your baby off to a healthy start.

• Daily action checklist to support you through the program.

• Resources to support your hormone balance.

• Preconception mindfulness and affirmation exercises.

• A guide to supporting your partner’s sperm health.

• And more…

Enjoy access to a beautiful membership site, designed by a functional nutritionist and integrative women’s health expert, Dr. Jessica Drummond. This program is spaced out over the course of six months and facilitated by the support of your health coach with regular 1:1 wellness sessions to keep you on track and feeling supported the whole way through either in-person or via Zoom meetings. A condensed 6 week option is available upon request.  This program can be done as a stand alone or in tandem with Mercier Therapy and the Shared Journey Fertility Program.

Module 1: Is Toxicity Impacting Your Fertility?

Complete the comprehensive questionnaire to see which toxic exposures to household chemicals, air and water pollutants, beauty products, and more could be impacting your fertility.


Module 2: Preconception Detox

What specific foods, smoothies, nutrients, and exercises support healthy detoxification to improve pregnancy health? When should a preconception detox start and end? What is safe to continue through pregnancy? And, how lowering your toxic load can support your baby’s brain and immune system health for the long term.


Module 3: Nourishment for Preconception

In this module we’ll cover the delicious food plans that you can use to determine which foods your body may be sensitive to, and may be interfering with your (or your partner’s) fertility. The recipes are simple, seasonal, and delicious. And, each supportive seasonal cookbook also contains exercises to support your physical and emotional health. Finally in this module, we’ll cover how to eat more mindfully to improve digestion and how to eat healthfully when you’re away from home.


Module 4: Digestion for Preconception

So, it’s not really true that, “You are what you eat.” It’s actually true to say, “You are what you absorb.” In this module, we’ll determine whether your digestion is healthy or not. If you have digestive struggles... I will walk you through how to improve your digestive function if you struggle with heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation. The key to optimal nourishment is optimal digestion.


Module 5: Nutrients for Fertility and Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered which prenatal vitamins are the best? Have you considered exactly which vitamin and mineral supplements are important to take for your fertility? This module will show you exactly which vitamin and mineral supplements will support your egg quality, your partner’s sperm quality, your health during pregnancy, and even help to lower your baby’s risks of allergies, asthma, and diabetes for his or her lifetime!


Module 6: Stress, Support, Hormones, and Fertility

Most women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s already have busy lives before even thinking about adding a baby to the mix. If you have a high stress job, years of late nights, a few too many drinks, or just not enough time for real relaxation because you’re already taking care of other kids or you just have a lot going on. Maybe you’ve dropped everything and focused on your fertility, but that has only made you feel more stressed. This module will give you tools and understanding about how your stress can impact your fertility, but more importantly… what you can do about it. How to get more support, ways to really relieve your stress (it’s not just bubble baths and pedicures!), and why doing so can allow you to more easily get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

Work with me and learn what hundreds of women and couples who have done to improve their fertility, pregnancy health, and baby's health by following this step-by-step, Preparing for Pregnancy supported program. Contact Christine for pricing, payment plans and details.

Fertility Massage

What if I told you there’s a natural therapy for fertility that is clinically more effective than IVF? If you or someone you know is struggling to get pregnant – keep reading. gynovisceral manipulation and bodywork is a natural fertility modality that is growing in popularity, partly due to its 83% success rate within the first year of starting the program.

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Christine is a certified Merciér Therapy and Nurturing the Mother Fertility Specialist integrating advanced Gynovisceral Bodywork into her sessions designed to address Women's issues such as infertility, menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, pelvic pain, bladder issues, c-section recovery, post laparoscopy, sexual abuse trauma, miscarriage, and traumatic birthing experience. 


For a complete immersive, 1:1 Holistic Wellness experience combine: fertility coaching, the Preparing for Pregnancy Program alongside Fertility Massage Therapy. 

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