Meal Prepping Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Meal planning is a great way to ensure that you eat healthily, and get this: it doesn’t have to be hard! That’s right, despite how overwhelmed many of us become when we think of planning meals for an entire week, meal planning can save you time and money.  

Without being prepared, it is easy to end up eating something on the go, like pastries, fast food, or prepared meals. The problem with this is that often grab-and-go options are not the most healthy, and we end up spending a lot of extra money. The trick to successful meal planning is to be prepared. Follow these steps to get started:

Pick a Day Choose a day that works best for you where you will have a good couple hours to plan, prep, and prepare your food. Prepare Get your food containers ready for each day, and clear out space in the refrigerator for your week of meals. Create a Plan/Shop Meal planning is about prepping food in bulk to eat throughout the week, so you will want to choose foods with lasting power, so avoid foods that are likely to lose their integrity after a few days. Get to Work Time to get going! Because you are prepared, prep should be easy. If you need more support I’ve got you covered! Check out my 14 Day Weight Loss Jumpstart Program to get you started with recipes, daily suggested meal plans, expert tips, handouts and private health coaching sessions to make this a sustainable lifestyle change that lasts. Visit: the 14-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart Program

Cheers to your best health! 

xoxo, Christine Baade

Founder of Magnolia Massage & Wellness 

a holistic approach to women’s health 


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