Get Your Fruits and Veggies Where You Can!

Having a hard time getting your family (or yourself) to eat fruits and vegetables?  

This is a common problem amongst people despite the effort to incorporate healthy foods. Here are some great tips to help your family eat their fruits and vegetables: -Keep fruits and vegetables visible in the house -Have fruits and veggies cleaned, cut, and prepared for easy consumption -Offer fruits and veggies as snacks whenever anyone is hungry -Have fruits and veggies on the menu at every meal -Take your family to a farmers’ market and have them help with the food selections -Grow a garden with the whole family involved What are some ways you have had success in your household with incorporating more healthy eats? Your health matters! Sign up for my newsletter, HERE and never miss an update on upcoming promotions for massage and wellness, plus enjoy regular health coach tips, tricks, and instant access to my latest eBook, the Clean Eating Challenge!!

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