Top 4 Tips to Staying Healthy During Social Distancing

Since the Corona Virus made it's debut in March of 2020, life has taken a dramatic turn for most. In the wake of this global pandemic, many people have experienced a variety of hardships one of them being social distancing. Officials have released stay at home orders within each and every community closing down schools and businesses. As a result, our awareness of how we interact with one another has been heightened. For example, young families are visiting grandmas and grandpas through the window while many are home alone. Kids have been separated from their friends for an extended length of time and there are arrows directing foot traffic through grocery stores and markets. Still, families have been forced to navigate homeschooling while most likely working from home unless you're considered an essential worker. Wherever you are in this spectrum, social distancing during the Corona Virus pandemic has shown us the importance of a close community, strengthening our immune systems naturally and most importantly the role that touch plays in our lives. In many ways, our communities have proven to be more resourceful and creative than ever, banding together and supporting each other and I find myself inspired and grateful everyday.

So, if we get down to it, what are the essentials of staying healthy? I have put together a list of my Top 4 Tips to Staying Healthy During Social Distancing that will help you improve your resilience to stress and boost your immunity right now:

1) Touch - Touch is the first sense to develop in the human infant and plays a major role in social/emotional development as well as biological functioning. Sadly, we are living in a touch deprived society. Studies are showing that even just 10-15 minutes of light to medium massage or mindful touch can increase those happy hormones which contribute to empathy, social bonding, improved immunity and cognitive function while simultaneously reducing stress hormones which keep us in that survival mode of fight/flight/freeze. This isn't like a work the knots out type of a thing. Positive touch lasting 15-20 seconds elicites a sense of nurturing and feels good. Simple ways to increase that nurturing sense of mindful touch is to sit shoulder to sholder with a partner or child, ask for a back rub while cooking dinner, or give self-massage with placing on or both hands over the heart making gentle circles, massage and squeeze the hands and feet. A companion pet can also lovingly satisfy that need for positive touch. Also, getting outside and walking around with your bare feet in the grass feels pretty great and grounding too!! 

2) Stretch - Stretching is vitally important to maintaining mobility and dealing with chronic pain. Without stretching, the muscles become short, tight, and weak which creates an environment conducive to injury and joint pain. A lack of stretching leads to short and tight muscles and connective tissue. It is recommended to stretch daily for a minimum of 30 seconds each stretch. Tension should be felt, but you should never feel pain when stretching. The goal is to to feel good, so when you find that sweet spot, hang out! I like to put on a video and practice for 15 minutes at a time and throughout the day. Practice stretching at your chair or on the floor. I'm a big fan or Yoga with Adriene these days. She says a lot of nice things. Here's a short chair sequence great for all bodies, to try out! If you're expecting, we always want to create space for the baby, avoid deep twists, back bends and be mindful of balance when folding forward. 

3) Breathe - Humans are born with an innate sense to fully engage the diaphragm to take deep, refreshing breaths. A mindful breathe with full-deep inhales and long-extended exhilations has been proven to reduce heart rate, help us to cope with stress, connect with greater receptivity in personal relationships. This can be as simple as breathing in for a count of 4 and out for a count of six, or working towards that direction. For an added effect, place one hand on the heart, the other on the belly. Close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Throughout history, many different cultures have studied the breath such as yoga, chi gong, tai chi, kong fu, and ju jitstu. Each of these have their own unique methods for using the breath to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. In general, the goal of any breathwork is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and capacity for self-healing through self-regulation of the nervous system. Check out my Blog called, The Benefits of a Mindful Practice!

4) Cleanse -  I know that sounds a little scary at first, but hear me out... Introducing clean, whole foods with a little bit a strategery and self-care behind it while lessening our consumtion of those not so good for you choices can make considerable positive impact by reducing the level of inflammation and pain we feel in the body and anxiety or depression in our mind. We know that all health begins in the gut which is why i have put together this Gut Rebuilder Plan ebook.  It is an easy to follow beginners guide, meant to introduce self-care practices that support gut health. It is meant as an education resources and offers suggested morning/evening routines, 3-day meal plan, and other lifestyle habits to support gentle detoxification. Here, you have access to both a vegan plan and omniore plan. Please be advised pregnancy is not the time to cleanse and to consult with your doctor before making any huge changes to your diet. Try it free! If you need support, please reach out for a consultation before and after you start the cleanse. I am happy to help and look forward to hearing back from you and how it has influenced change in your daily routine. Get the eBook now, Start here!


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