What is Oncology Massage?

As an oncology trained massage therapist, I have completed comprehensive training in general massage therapy as well as additional specialized training that addresses the side affects of cancer and it's treatments. Even after people are out of treatment, receiving bodywork from an oncology therapist is important due to the potential for late effects of treatment. I am able to adapt massage techniques to safely meet the changing bodywork considerations during and after cancer treatment.

An oncology trained therapist will adapt for:

  • fatigue

  • low blood cell counts or blood clots

  • bone metastases

  • radiation or surgery

  • removal of lymph nodes

  • skin side effects following treatment

  • medications and medical devices

  • lymphedema or risk thereof

  • late effects of treatment

Benefits of massage therapy include:

  • reduced pain and fatigue

  • decreased anxiety and nausea

  • improved sleep

  • ease isolation

  • enhance body image

  • nurture well-being

  • touch that feels good

  • feel good in your body and love your skin

A new study has found that oncology massage therapy can provide symptomatic relief for a common and difficult-to-treat side effect of cancer treatment. Patients with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy experienced a sustained reduction in lower-extremity pain up to 6 weeks after completion of massage treatment when they received an intensive therapy schedule of three massages per week. Read about the study, here.

At Magnolia Massage & Wellness, our combined mission alongside GreetTheDay.org a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization is to improve quality of life for people affected by cancer through education and integrative oncology care.

Contact Christine Baade, Lmt. Chhc. for questions and to learn more about how massage therapy can be adapted to meet you were you are in your cancer treatment journey.

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