postpartum massage
nurturing mothers, babies and families

Massage in the postpartum period helps bring the body back to it's pre-pregnancy alignment. A massage within the first week of postpartum or six weeks after cesarean section feels wonderful. It flushes lactic acid out of the tissues relieving sore and achy muscles. 

  • It supports and enhances the realigning process, with a focus on the pelvis and ribs

  • Assists breast feeding, alleviating tightness, helps with some breast feeding difficulties

  • Aids in the process of uterus returning to its normal size

  • Release shoulders, neck and arm tension from the care and feeding of an infant

  • Helps relieve tension from the birth process

  • Helps the mother regain vital energy (chi/prana) to help reduce fatigue

  • Supports fluid balancing

  • Encourages pelvic and abdominal organs to return to pre-pregnant positions

Baby in Mother's Arms
infant massage

Touch is our babies first language. You provide the very first sense that is everything nurturing, warm and safe. Infant Massage helps to support parents and caregivers by demonstrating tools to care for our little ones with confidence right from the start. 

Benefits of infant massage:

  • Helps relieve discomfort from gas, colic and constipation

  • Enhanced development of the Nervous System

  • Increases alertness / heightened awareness

  • Reduces Stress Hormones

  • Improves Immune function

  • The release of Oxytocin, the nurturing hormone

Parents/Caregivers will learn:

  • Sleep well routines for night time routines

  • Listening to Baby: Understanding Cues

  • Happy Baby: Techniques to safely aid relieve for tummy troubles

  • Developmental Play: Learn to incorporate structured exercise for parent and child

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C-Section Recovery Program

With Mercier Therapy

According to the CDC in 2010 Cesarean births were done at a rate of nearly 40% in the United States. While many of these c-sections are done for convenience of the provider and failed induction there are occasions when the c-section procedure is needed to safely birth a baby and that is in a malpresentation such as breech or as a medical emergency.

Once the c-section is done and a woman has been released from medical or midwifery care than there are little to no suggestions made as to help with the recovery process.


During the cesarean delivery a horizontal incision is made to the lower segment of the uterus which can cause a significant amount of scar tissue and start the front of the uterus adhering to the back of the bladder. This type of scar tissue can cause a restriction of movement and ultimately lessen blood flow to the entire  pelvic area. This can cause secondary fertility challenges.

Our c-section recovery program can help you start to rehabilitate 6 weeks after your surgery. You must have your physicians clearance and no wound gaping, active infection or significant pain at the incision site.

​How to get started: Give Christine a call to schedule your consult and evaluation. 

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